About Tim



Hi. I’m Tim.

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I am a Beverage Guy. I’ve built a really fun career around coffee.

My love of coffee goes way back to age 14 when I started drinking it. I was always looking for the best coffee around, and always enjoyed trying different varietals from all over the world.

My Pro Coffee Career started in the Fall of 2000 when I helped open the first Drive-Thru only Starbucks in Columbus Ohio. While I was there I became the go-to trainer for all our new hires. I did not know that training experience would be the key to the rest of my career.

Leaving Columbus in 2004, I went on to start The Coffee Mess in Annapolis Maryland, on base at the Naval Academy. Since then we’ve been an important part of the culture of the Academy and I couldn’t be prouder of that business, or of the team that runs it.

In 2014 I moved back to Columbus Ohio with my family. By the end of the year I’d started roasting coffee on a very small scale, providing the very freshest coffee to a small number of very discriminating clients. Now I’ve got a bigger roaster and I’m starting to expand the number of people I serve. My goal is to become an important part of the Coffee Culture of Columbus by putting the freshest possible coffee into the hands of the people who crave it.

Thanks for reading!