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February Special: Two of Moons.

One pound of best-seller Da Mooon! paired with a pound of Deimos (Da Mooon from Mars) for funs.

Two Of Moons Package: 1# Da Mooon! and 1# Deimos

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Oh, hello!

This is the place to be if you want to purchase some Coffee Mess Coffee.

Right now I'm only shipping in TWO POUND BAGS.

If what you want isn't available in the dropdown, leave me special instructions in the "Leave a note!" field. Special instructions could be:

  • If you'd like your coffee ground-- whole bean is the default.
  • If you'd like a different coffee (subject to availability)
  • Rule of 3 for comedy

If you have questions just email and I'll get you sorted.

Thanks for your support and talk soon!

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