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Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brewewd Coffee is quite a departure from other brew methods and it’s worth a look.

Cold brew is a totally different approach to brewing, and there is a passionate and growing population of Coffee Drinkers who swear by it. Cold-brewed coffee is very smooth and can be dramatically lower in acidity than hot-brewed coffee. People with sensitive stomachs are among the most fervent Cold Brew aficionados.

Cold Brew coffee is brewed for a long time- typical brew time is 18 to 24 hours.

The concentrate you buy in my shop is a very concentrated kind of coffee syrup. Do not drink it straight if you are in a place where screaming is not well tolerated. The good news is this concentrate will keep very well in the refrigerator- just put it in an airtight container (opaque would be good too.)

You’ve got to add something to this concentrate in order to drink it. The two most common additives are boiling water and ice water. Start by using 3 parts water to 1 part coffee and adjust to taste from there.


Cold Brew
Smooth cuppa
Coffee is low in acidity
Concentrate stays fresh for 2 weeks
Coffee tastes quite different
Less yield per lb than other methods