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A bag of Stylophile, a medium-dark roasted blend of Arabica coffees.

Please note: all coffee orders will ship the last week of the month.


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Stylophile is a big, bold blend, drawing on the terroir of three continents to pound you with flavor.

Named for TCM founder Tim Hofmann’s outsized love for fountain pens, this is his signature coffee.

We take high-grown, high-end specialty coffees from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Bali and roast them just past medium for a roasty, full flavored coffee drinking experience.

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Weight .4375 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 4 in

Coarse Grind, Fine Grind, Medium Grind, Whole Bean


2lb, 7oz

Our coffee is roasted fresh 5 times a week- we ship coffee the last week of every month.

We roast in tiny 2-lb batches in our beautiful Sonofresco Fluid-Bed coffee roaster. We love it and so will you.