The Secret Menu

welcome to the secret menu. It’s a work in progress, check back often for updates…

The Donut Mocha:

Sugar Cane Cone Espresso Volcano:

Cubano- espresso and cane sugar prepared according to Bobby Pardot’s secret family recipe.

Cubano Cortado- a cubano cut with milk or cream

Boba Fett- chocolate, espresso, steamed milk and drip coffee. Perfect as a hangover cure or sleep replacement

Destroyer– caramel sauce, 4 shots of espresso, and ice. this drink is a trembuchet for your afternoon, and not for the faint of heart (or people over a certain age, really.)

CinnamonAlien– A White Mocha flavored with Brown Sugar and Cinnamon. Oh Yeah.

The Magical Pig- It’s a fluffy wonderland of milked almond effluvia, steamed with a prinkle dorb and the flavor of a hazel’d nutz. “jeanplus!”