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Coffee Blends: Why, pt II.

This month I’m writing about blends. Last week I talked a little bit about what blends are, and one reason coffee roasters blend coffees. This time I’m going to talk about another reason roasters like making blends, and dig into why blends are a good choice for lots of coffee drinkers. Coffee can be inconsistent…

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Blends Post #1

This month we’re talking about coffee blends. Blends are the best selling coffees at the Mess and for many other roasters. Why? Blends have catchy names. There are other reasons too. What Are Blends? Simply put, a blend is a mixture of two or more single origin coffees. For more on single origins, read here…

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Single Origin Coffees Part II

Last time I answered some of the most common questions about single origin coffee. Now I’m going to try and clear up some of the other confusing aspects of single-origin coffee. One thing that seems to be a point of confusion for people is how single origin coffees are labeled. You’ll see lots of information…

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Single Origin Coffee! Your Biggest Questions Answered Pt. 1

What is Single Origin Coffee? On the surface, it’s pretty simple: single origin coffee is coffee grown in a particular place, and then sold as coffee grown in that place. It can get pretty wild from there. When I asked readers for their questions about single origin coffee, these kinds of questions were common: Kevin…

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How Tim Brews at Home! Gear choices EXPOSED.

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note: nobody’s paying me to recommend these products. I actually use them every day. The product links *are affiliate links* In the day-to-day in-n-out of being a coffee guy I get lots of questions from customers and strangers. One question I get is “Do you drink a lot of coffee?” Yes, I do. 5-10 cups…

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