The Coffee We Roast.

At the Coffee Mess we roast awesome Arabica coffees grown around the world.

We sell special single-origin coffees and carefully concocted blends.

Availability varies week-to-week depending on what we roast.

Single Origins:

Mexico Chiapas

Bali Blue Krishna

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

El Salvador Pacamara

Honduras Comayagua

Guatemala Santiago Atitlan


Smolder- For dark coffee drinkers. We take a resilient Brazilian coffee, add some Sumatra and roast the hell out of it. It’s smooth, and yes, very dark.

Stylophile- Personal Project Blend of founder and Fountain Pen Enthusiast Tim Hofmann. Designed to be a full-spectrum, full-flavored cuppa, Stylophile combines coffees from 3 continents and is a mid-dark roast.

Binary Island- Our first blend, so good we’ve kept it around. Central and South American coffees roasted mid-dark with an Indonesian bean in there for body. Tastes chocolatey. mmmm.

Da Mooon!- A fan favorite. It’s a medium-roasted blend of Central American and Ethiopian coffees. Exceedingly smooth and easy to drink.