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We’re all about freshly-roasted, ridiculously delicious coffee. It’s our passion, and we hope you’ll be able to taste that passion in every cup.

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We have a deep appreciation and love for coffee, going all the way back to the first cup we ever tasted. It’s been a joyful, playful pursuit of knowledge and technique over the course of decades.


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This is what our customers say about our coffeeit..

I get a bag of the Bali Moon beans for my aunt every year for her birthday. She swears that it is the best coffee she has ever had. The staff have always been incredibly friendly to me even though I myself am not a coffee drinker.

Justin King

I love The Coffee Mess. I admit I'm a little biased. Tim is a good friend of mine, and I started out in coffee years ago with him. Tim and his staff are knowledgeable and great.
They each bring their own distinct personality and character. The coffee is good, the space is small but comfortable.


They have great coffee here and it's a small local place. What's even better is they are located within the Lil Donut Shop so you can get your caffeine fix and a donut.

Darian Louke

Best coffee in the Columbus area, and I've been to all of em. Even if you can't visit in person, I highly recommend ordering beans for delivery. Best donuts in columbus in the same shop is an added bonus.

Mitchell Steindler

This coffee is outrageously good! I have only ever tried a regular black coffee, I figure if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Service is warm and friendly. Even if you're not a donut person, stop in The Little Donut Factory for this amazing coffee.

Aja Dumas

Very high quality beans. The owners loves to talk about his products and craft, which makes the buying experience quite enjoyable. Buying a bag of whole beans is quite expensive, so we usually only do it for special occasions.

Keith Caldwell

Ridiculously good coffee. Freshly roasted and vastly better and more flavorful than Starbucks or anything else you've ever had before.

Chris Aram

Fast becoming one of my favorite spots to visit! Incredible people, great coffee and service, and The Little Donut Factory’s donuts to boot. Almost wanna keep this place my little secret!

Sonny Lewis

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