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Single Origin Coffee! Your Biggest Questions Answered Pt. 1

What is Single Origin Coffee? On the surface, it’s pretty simple: single origin coffee is coffee grown in a particular place, and then sold as coffee grown in that place. It can get pretty wild from there. When I asked readers for their questions about single origin coffee, these kinds of questions were common: Kevin…

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Good Habits Pt I

Happy New Year to ya! Lots of people delude themselves into thinking they’re going to transform themselves into some sort of superperson this year, and that’s really cool. Some of them may well do it this time, and I hope you’re one of them if you’re so inclined. Me, I’m going to try to maintain…

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A bit about Coffee Varietals.

“Dear Tim: I hate to be a dipshit, but would you please remind me: What are some of your favorite “breeds” or “species” or whatever the word is, of coffee beans? Favorite locations they originate from?’ This is a fine question from a friend and client of mine who, for the record, is not a…

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The Semi-Crabby 2018 Gift Guide!

I won’t bore you with an intro here folks. You are probably thinking about what to get your loved ones, and also the people you don’t give a crap about but are expected to give stuff to. Here are some ideas for you, biased toward coffee liking people, according to how much you like them:…

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All Dis Stuff

Hey everybody it’s Tim! Welcome to today. It’s Sunday, and I got a really great question from my good friend Rocky Lalvani. Rocky asked me, “Why do people put all this stuff in their coffee?” And it’s a great question. Because people associate coffee with things like cream, sugar and flavored syrup, and those of…

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An Approach to Grinding at Home

The biggest win you can give yourself when you’re brewing at home is using just-ground coffee. That means buying a coffee grinder and actually using it on the daily. For some folks it’s too much trouble: too messy, too noisy, just a pain in the ass. Other folks realize the taste advantage is unparallelled and…

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The 2018 San Francisco Pen Show. Pens and fun and fins and pans.

Back in July I was chatting with my buddy Dan Smith, original FPGeek and renowned Nibsmith. Out of the blue, he asked if I’d like to give him a hand in San Francisco. Thanks to my indulgent wife and selfless mother-in-law, we made sure the chilluns would be cared for and transported appropriately. Thursday the…

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How Tim Brews at Home! Gear choices EXPOSED.

home bunn

note: nobody’s paying me to recommend these products. I actually use them every day. The product links *are affiliate links* In the day-to-day in-n-out of being a coffee guy I get lots of questions from customers and strangers. One question I get is “Do you drink a lot of coffee?” Yes, I do. 5-10 cups…

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