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note: nobody’s paying me to recommend these products. I actually use them every day. The product links *are affiliate links*

In the day-to-day in-n-out of being a coffee guy I get lots of questions from customers and strangers. One question I get is “Do you drink a lot of coffee?”
Yes, I do. 5-10 cups a day maybe. But who’s counting?
Sometimes people go a little deeper and ask how I feel about my inevitable doom and subsequent oblivion.
Ambivalent, thanks.
More often people take a medium tack and ask me how I brew the coffee I drink. Well, that’s an easy one. Most of the coffee I drink is drip coffee, either brewed at home or at the shop.

At the shop I use a commercial Bunn brewer. It’s great. You’ve had the coffee, right?

At home I’m using a Bunn also. It’s not the most sophisticated brewer on the planet, but it brews coffee on par with the joe I get out of my big-boy machine at the shop. It’s fast, too.

The Bunn gets my brew water nice and hot (over 195F) so the taste is dialed in. The most important thing I do in the morning is grind my beans just before it’s time to brew them. For that I use my trusty Capresso Infinity burr grinder.

I’ve been using it daily for over a decade and it’s still going strong.

(See this article about getting into grinding your own)

After it’s brewed, I pour my coffee into an old-skool porcelain mug and head out to the car. I don’t like travel mugs or the people who use them. If I think I’ll need more coffee (yes, I will) I’ll emppty the pot into my indestructable Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle:

And that’s how I drink the bulk of my coffee from day-to-day. Keeps me out of prison.