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I won’t bore you with an intro here folks.
You are probably thinking about what to get your loved ones, and also the people you don’t give a crap about but are expected to give stuff to. Here are some ideas for you, biased toward coffee liking people, according to how much you like them:
If you don’t like them:
A broken ceramic mug with a dumb saying on it.

Not only does it say something stupid, but the person who gets it can’t even use it! It’s broken!

A gift for an exchange, for a to-be-determined recipient:

A travel mug. Everybody uses them. If I’m in the possible recipient population, make sure it’s big enough to hold a 12oz beer, with some room for foam.

For someone you love who should treat themself better:

A burr grinder. Maybe this one or this one.

For someone you like or love, but don’t want to burden with a piece of crap they’ll feel guilty about throwing away:
Fresh Roasted Coffee from the Coffee Mess, of course!

Other good ideas:

  • An Aeropress
  • A Permanent Filter for their drip coffee machine
  • A nice vacuum flask
  • A highly absorbent Chamois towel

On a related note, I want you to stop using the word “gift” as a verb unless you have a really good reason. A reason that makes the word “give” an inappropriate word to use. Cause that’s the word. We give gifts, who gifts gifts? Not us, right? Right.\

OK, see you later.